Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Missed it by that much ...

A few years ago, Penny Arcade saw Twilight, and extrapolated a probable future.

Well, they were close

And here we go again

I've done my own thing. I've done LJ. I've done Tumblr. I've done other, terrible things. But so far I have not employed Blogger as a personal blog. That changes now.

Things of nerdish, geekish nature will be told.  I can't promise politics won't sneak in, for that is the stuff that regulates our existence at times, but given the dislike many have for a contrary opinion, I'll try to reserve my pith for the really important matters.

I make no other promises. Off you go.

Tron Uprising: probably a lost cause

Tron: Uprising has been cancelled (probably).

This isn't a surprise, in that it was on Disney XD, at midnight. A kid's channel, but kids are usually in bed by then.  What was left was those geeks savvy enough to find it and geeky enough not to care what channel it showed on.  It just isn't enough.

The shame of this is that the series wasn't bad at all, and was showing steady improvement over the course of the season. The imagery in the last three episodes is especially well done.  Female characters in particular were starting to show some nice characterization in chose-up. I had given up on that previously because of the highly stylized imagery - a deliberate choice, and one I was willing to live with. The "upgrade" in latter episodes was a welcome, and unexpected, improvement.

This prequel series takes place in between Tron and Tron: Legacy, in a corner of The Grid that we don't see in Legacy. Other than Tron, and Clu's occasional cameos, the characters are all throwaways - "The Renegade" (Beck) that dresses up as Tron obviously doesn't make it into Tron: Legacy.  Tron himself is a kind of overseer to Beck's education as he learns to "be" Tron's public persona. And we all know that Tron will be "re-purposed" as Rinzler before the end.  So, this series can take a few chances, go places the "canon" Tron can't, and fill in some gaps in what happens on the Grid building up to Clu's ultimate attempt to break out of the Grid.

The thing that kept Tron in the background was a virus he picked up, something that weakened him and forced him to undergo constant treatment. This is why he was grooming Beck to lead the uprising.

The final episode, I thought, was going to give us Tron's re-purposing to Rinzler, which was the baddie's goal, but in the end, Beck gets Tron out after the virus is purged, but before he's actually turned to Clu's side. This makes him "Clu's worst nightmare."  But, at the end, Clu is approaching, backed by the might of his entire army. We've not transitioned Tron to Rinzler, so that story is left untold. But it sure doesn't look good for Argon City.

Pretty much the same as for the series itself.

The linked article above hints that there might be hope, but seeing as the viewing time wasn't changed, and that the schedule was variable (both are hallmarks of a series that the network wants to go away), I have little hope that that will be the case.  It's a shame. Given a chance, it does grow on you.

There's a petition, and rumblings that it succeeded, but I've seen nothing official.